Hey crypto world, let's talk about mainstreaming Satoshi at Consensus

Hey crypto world, let's talk about mainstreaming Satoshi at Consensus

Bitcoin's high price intimidates crypto newbies. CoinDesk hosts a private session at Consensus 2022 to change the conversation.

For those new to bitcoin, the high price can sometimes seem like a big "no entry" sign.

Although bitcoin, like the rest of the crypto market, has seen a downturn recently, the price of a single BTC is still around $30,000, which is roughly the starting price of a new Toyota Prius. Many take one look at this and move on without understanding that fractions of a bitcoin can be bought in countless places for pennies or even less.

Actually, bitcoin has a built-in way to express this: the Satoshi. Named after the mysterious creator of the world's first cryptocurrency, the Satoshi represents the smallest fraction of a bitcoin that can be purchased, or one hundred millionth of a bitcoin. In simpler terms, 100 million Satoshis are equal to one Bitcoin.

If the Bitcoin world offered easy ways to transact in Satoshis, it could go a long way toward the general acceptance of Bitcoin and, by extension, cryptocurrencies. For this reason, CoinDesk is hosting a working session with selected people from the industry at the Consensus 2022 Festival in Austin, Texas. This will be a private workshop to discuss how the industry can move towards a world where transactions in sats are not only possible, but the norm.

If you are attending Consensus and are interested in helping to shape a future that accommodates the ordinary retail investor, please fill out the form below so we can contact you.