ADNOC's Al Kaabi on IPO, China's Energy Market

ADNOC's Al Kaabi on IPO, China's Energy Market

On May 10, 2023, the Youtube channel of Bloomberg Television released a new content that caught our attention, this article will be able to give a spotlight on it and why not make you discover this video.

Many of you have been following us for a long time on Croblanc, and you already know that we regularly share new video content from the Youtube channel Bloomberg Television which our community is extremely fond of. That's why we decided to make an article about it, because we are sure that you will like this new video.

Today, May 10, 2023, the Youtube channel Bloomberg Television has published a new content with the title ADNOC's Al Kaabi on IPO, China's Energy Market. If you want to watch this video in streaming, you have come to the right place!

Big buzz for the moment for this last video of Bloomberg Television, indeed the number of views that the video counts is currently much higher than normal. That's why we imagine that if it continues in this direction, the video could very quickly find itself in Youtube trend.

Thanks to the Internet, it's easy to talk to videographers and ask them any question you have in mind, or even give them criticism (constructive criticism, please!). If you want to give feedback to the creator of the video, feel free to contact the author by going to the "About" section of his youtube channel. Or simply try to reach him on his social networks, it's quite convenient sometimes to tweet!

We hope you have enjoyed this article, and that the video ADNOC's Al Kaabi on IPO, China's Energy Market has met all your expectations. We keep our fingers crossed that you will come back to Croblanc very soon to follow the next videos of Bloomberg Television, think of going also to Youtube to find other exclusive contents.

And here it is already finished, we will see you very soon on Croblanc for a new article. Kisses, kisses, kisses!

For your information, you can find below the description of the video ADNOC's Al Kaabi on IPO, China's Energy Market published by the Youtube channel Bloomberg Television:

In this exclusive interview, Musabbeh Al Kaabi, Executive Director, Low Carbon Solutions & International Growth Directorate, ADNOC, discusses the company's plan to list its maritime logistics unit and energy demand in China.
He sits down with Manus Cranny on the sidelines of the UAE Climate Tech forum in Abu Dhabi.

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