Biden, Trump Agree to Debates | Balance of Power

Biden, Trump Agree to Debates | Balance of Power

The Croblanc team proposes you today, the May 16, 2024 to discover the very last video of Bloomberg Television released on the net. Considering the first returns of the Net surfers, we thought useful to share it to you on our site.

And yes, another article today about the Youtube channel Bloomberg Television, you are starting to be used to it you who follow assiduously Croblanc for so many years already! The interest for this channel keeps growing over the years and we are very happy to share it with you once again. We are sure that this video will interest you, that's why we decided to make this article.

Here is the last video of the youtube channel Bloomberg Television. It's called Biden, Trump Agree to Debates | Balance of Power and as you can imagine, it's already of great interest to Internet users. You can find it right here.

We could find in the next hours this content in the trend tool of Youtube because of the start that it makes! Since the Youtube channel Bloomberg Television posted it, many people are talking about it on the networks. Let's wait for a few hours before we know how successful this video is.

Internet users can sometimes encounter problems with a video, or simply want to transmit information following an error in the editing for example. To talk to a youtuber (that's how we call content creators on the Youtube platform], go directly to his channel, in the "About" section more precisely. If he doesn't answer you, try again on his social networks: Facebook, Instagram or Twitter for example!

We hope you have enjoyed this article, and that the video Biden, Trump Agree to Debates | Balance of Power has met all your expectations. Find now other similar videos on our platform, we trust you to find other nuggets. If and only if you have already visited our site, then go to Youtube to see other exclusive contents of Bloomberg Television.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are coming to the end of this article Croblanc, we hope you have enjoyed reading it, at least as much as we have enjoyed writing it!

For your information, you can find below the description of the video Biden, Trump Agree to Debates | Balance of Power published by the Youtube channel Bloomberg Television:

"Balance of Power" focuses on the intersection of politics and global business. On the show today, Barbara Perry, Director of Presidential Studies at the University of Virginia, shares her insight on President Biden and former President Trump agreeing to two Presidential debates, and discusses the unusualness of having a debate before either Republican or Democratic Conventions. Democratic Senator of Colorado, Michael Bennet, discusses whether or not President Biden's recent decisions to provide aid to Israel and withdrawing weapons to Israel has upset both Republicans and Democrats. Republican Senator of North Carolina, Thom Tillis, discusses the effectiveness of the United States' aid to Ukraine as the country faces a Russian assault on the northeast, and states that America needs to send a lot more weapons to Ukraine.

00:00 Balance of Power Begins
11:15 Barbara Perry, Director of Presidential Studies at the University of Virginia
19:20 Bloomberg's Katanga Johnson
24:42 Senator Michael Bennet (D) Colorado
34:00 Senator Thom Tillis (R) North Carolina
40:53 Political Panel with Jim Kessler, Third Way Executive Vice President & Bluestack Strategies Founder & Principal Maura Gillespie
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