Bitcoin Sinks 70% in 2023: StanChart

Bitcoin Sinks 70% in 2023: StanChart

A new video of Bloomberg Technology appeared on Youtube on December 6, 2022 and it received a big response from the Internet users.

Since the time you follow us on Croblanc, you are beginning to be used to hear about the Youtube channel Bloomberg Technology, and its viral videos that are always talked about on the web, and even beyond! We think you'll find this video interesting, so we decided to make this post today.

Here is the last video of the youtube channel Bloomberg Technology. It's called Bitcoin Sinks 70% in 2023: StanChart and as you can imagine, it's already of great interest to Internet users. You can find it right here.

This video is currently making the buzz on the internet and may end up in the Youtube trends. It was published a few hours ago by the videographer of the Youtube channel Bloomberg Technology who regularly publishes videos similar to the content we are talking about today.

There may be a case where you need to contact the videographer author of this video to give him your criticism, remarks or advice. To get the email address of an influencer who makes videos on the internet, go to the "About" section of his Youtube channel. If despite your efforts, you don't get a response, try to reach him/her on another medium. Twitter is very convenient to contact youtubers easily.

Well it's almost time to conclude this paper, you can watch the video Bitcoin Sinks 70% in 2023: StanChart again if you want, it should be available for some time. Have you already watched the whole video? Don't forget to check our site for other content related to Bloomberg Technology, we have a lot of it available and new videos are coming very soon, trust us!

We will meet again very soon for a new article on Croblanc, see you soon!

For your information, you can find below the description of the video Bitcoin Sinks 70% in 2023: StanChart published by the Youtube channel Bloomberg Technology:

CoinShares Head of Strategy Meltem Demirors joins Caroline Hyde and Ed Ludlow to discuss Standard Chartered's research saying a further Bitcoin plunge of about 70% to $5,000 next year is among the possible "surprise" scenarios.