China to Be 'Key' on G-7's Hiroshima Agenda: NSC's Kirby

China to Be 'Key' on G-7's Hiroshima Agenda: NSC's Kirby

A new video of Bloomberg Television appeared on Youtube on May 18, 2023 and it received a big response from the Internet users.

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Many people have been talking about this new video for several hours on social networks and it has also generated many comments on the forums found on the web. Moreover, the Youtube channel Bloomberg Television is not new to publishing a video that is causing a stir. We know that you are often very interested in this type of content.

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For your information, you can find below the description of the video China to Be 'Key' on G-7's Hiroshima Agenda: NSC's Kirby published by the Youtube channel Bloomberg Television:

US National Security Council Coordinator John Kirby says China will be "key on the agenda" for President Joe Biden and his G-7 counterparts at their gathering in Hiroshima. He speaks on "Bloomberg Surveillance."
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