Fed Hold Rates for Sixth Time, Novo Nordisk Quadruples Numbers | Bloomberg Markets Today 05/02

Fed Hold Rates for Sixth Time, Novo Nordisk Quadruples Numbers | Bloomberg Markets Today 05/02

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Higher for longer, the fed holds rates for his six time. Fed chair Jerome Powell keeps rate cuts on the table but the timing is less certain. The yen weakens after a surge of over 3% in New York trading, fueling speculation of intervention. Plus another big day for earnings in Europe as Novo Nordisk quadruple the number of patients starting its weight loss drug, Wegovy, in the united states. We bring you more European results and a conversation with CEO of Maersk. With analysis you won't find anywhere else, we break down the biggest stories of the day and speak to top guests who have skin in the game. Hosted by Anna Edwards, Guy Johnson, and Kriti Gupta.
00:15:00 - Maersk CEO Speaks
00:25:20 - Saxo Bank's Head of Fixed Income Research Althea Spinozzi Speaks
00:35:05 - Fed's Powell Says Rate Hike Unlikely as Next Move
00:47:06 - Shell Maintains Pace of Buybacks, Profit Beats Estimates
01:04:14 - Novo Nordisk Quadruples Patients in the US
01:14:09 - BBVA Eyes Takeover of Sabadell
01:23:45 - Spain Economic Outlook
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