FX in Focus on European Upheaval | Bloomberg: The Asia Trade 6/10/2024

FX in Focus on European Upheaval | Bloomberg: The Asia Trade 6/10/2024

We have watched with attention the new video of Bloomberg Television which is available on Youtube since June 10, 2024 and we think that it could catch the interest of many Internet users...

And yes, the Youtube channel Bloomberg Television has again the right to an article on Croblanc today, and at the same time it is quite logical considering the passion that our community puts every time a new video is available on the internet. We are sure that this video will interest you, that's why we decided to make this article.

We propose you today to find the last video of the Youtube channel Bloomberg Television which is simply called FX in Focus on European Upheaval | Bloomberg: The Asia Trade 6/10/2024. If you liked it, don't hesitate to like the content to support the author of the video!

The video has been posted for less than an hour and is currently the talk of the web. Usually the new videos of the Youtube channel Bloomberg Television are much less talked about. Soon in trends? That's all the bad news we wish him, considering the work this channel has been doing for many years now!

On television, it is very difficult to get in touch with the hosts or even the producers of a show. On the internet, it's much easier to contact a videographer when you want to give him feedback about a video published on Youtube! You have 2 main ways to talk to a Youtuber, the most common way is by using the email address that is displayed on his Youtube channel (in the "About" section). However, not all youtubers have the time to reply to each of you, so you can also try to contact them on their social networks.

We are almost at the end of the news about the video FX in Focus on European Upheaval | Bloomberg: The Asia Trade 6/10/2024, all the team Croblanc hopes that you found it interesting to read. We hope to see you soon on our site, in the meantime you can find other videos of Bloomberg Television by strolling on our site or even by going directly on the Youtube channel.

Friends, this is already the end of this little editorial, see you soon for a new article on Croblanc!

For your information, you can find below the description of the video FX in Focus on European Upheaval | Bloomberg: The Asia Trade 6/10/2024 published by the Youtube channel Bloomberg Television:

"Bloomberg: The Asia Trade" brings you everything you need to know to get ahead as the trading day begins in Asia. Bloomberg TV is live from Tokyo and Hong Kong with Shery Ahn and Annabelle Droulers, getting insight and analysis from newsmakers and industry leaders on the biggest stories shaping global markets.

00:00:00- Bloomberg: The Asia Trade opens
00:01:24- Macron Calls for French Vote After Far-Right Win
00:10:34- Investors aren't adequately accounting for inflationary policies in 2025, says International Economics' Adam Posen
00:18:25- Geopolitics is corroding globalization, says PIIE's Adam Posen
00:28:43- El-Erian: US jobs data takes July rate cut off the table
00:36:00- Japan Ahead: Astellas Pharma CEO Naoki Okamura
00:43:22- Japan Ahead: China’s Falling Birthrate Deters Diaper Expansion, Oji Says
00:48:54- Countdown to Japan & Korea market opens
00:51:15- Fed rate cut in 2H would be positive for Asia, says Morningstar's Lorraine Tan
01:00:13- Euro falls after European elections
01:22:35- Expect Apple to bring value back to its hardware, says Creative Strategies' Carolina Milanesi
01:30:58- Japan’s Jammed AGM Season Helps Companies Dodge Tough Questions
01:40:03- Singapore Banks Probe Rich Clients After Money-Laundering Case
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