India Market Sell Off Amid Narrower BJP Modi Win | Bloomberg The Pulse 06/04/24

India Market Sell Off Amid Narrower BJP Modi Win | Bloomberg The Pulse 06/04/24

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The Youtube channel Bloomberg Television has published today a new video called India Market Sell Off Amid Narrower BJP Modi Win | Bloomberg The Pulse 06/04/24. You want to discover this video and watch it in streaming, you are lucky we put it aside for you!

The video is doing a very good start since it was uploaded on the Youtube channel of Bloomberg Television and it could well end up in trend if the scores remain at these levels. However, we should not get too excited and wait a few days to see if this good start is confirmed with a buzz on the duration.

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For your information, you can find below the description of the video India Market Sell Off Amid Narrower BJP Modi Win | Bloomberg The Pulse 06/04/24 published by the Youtube channel Bloomberg Television:

Indian bonds slide after early trends show a much tighter contest for Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s party than previously expected. The rupee also drops. Bloomberg MLIV strategist Ven Ram says the correction in India’s stocks has further to run, if the final tally of election results confirms that PM Narendra Modi’s party and its allies have secured only a narrow victory. In aviation, Bloomberg understands Airbus is in talks to sell more than 100 widebody jets to China. Talks have gained momentum since President Xi Jinping visited his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron last month.

Today's guests: Elise Badoy, Citigroup

00:00 The Pulse with Francine Lacqua
02:30 Early India election vote count signals narrower Modi win
05:43 Elise Badoy, Citigroup
14:08 Vanessa Holtz, BofA Securities
16:00 Arlane de Rothschild, Edmond de Rothschild
17:05 Airlines execs speaking from IATA
18:35 Bloomberg Scoop: Airbus in talks to sell widebody jets to China
21:14 Headlines
22:00 Nifty falls on narrower Modi win
27:00 Markets Live: India stocks sell-off not yet done
32:15 Meme-stock GameStop roars back
34:30 Intel CEO fires back at Nvidia
38:09 Bloomberg UK: Eyes on first UK election TV debate

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