Qatar Economic Forum 2024 Kicks Off | Horizons Middle East & Africa 05/13/2024

Qatar Economic Forum 2024 Kicks Off | Horizons Middle East & Africa 05/13/2024

A new video of Bloomberg Television appeared on Youtube on May 14, 2024 and it received a big response from the Internet users.

As you know, this is not new, we have been following with great interest the news of the Youtube channel Bloomberg Television for quite some time now because we know that its content is particularly appreciated by our community. Sometimes we hesitate to write an article because we don't know if you will like it, but today we know that this video will interest you.

Here is the last video of the youtube channel Bloomberg Television. It's called Qatar Economic Forum 2024 Kicks Off | Horizons Middle East & Africa 05/13/2024 and as you can imagine, it's already of great interest to Internet users. You can find it right here.

This video is currently making the buzz on the internet and may end up in the Youtube trends. It was published a few hours ago by the videographer of the Youtube channel Bloomberg Television who regularly publishes videos similar to the content we are talking about today.

There may be a case where you need to contact the videographer author of this video to give him your criticism, remarks or advice. Many people have trouble contacting content creators on the internet, but on Youtube it's very simple, you just have to connect to the channel in question, and go to the "About" section to find the email address you are looking for! However, Twitter is still a very good alternative that works quite well to get in touch with a Youtuber.

Normally, if you are still reading this article, it means that the video Qatar Economic Forum 2024 Kicks Off | Horizons Middle East & Africa 05/13/2024 must have pleased you and that we did not make a mistake in encouraging you to watch it. Have you already watched the whole video? Don't forget to check our site for other content related to Bloomberg Television, we have a lot of it available and new videos are coming very soon, trust us!

Looking forward to discovering new contents with you, see you next time on Croblanc!

For your information, you can find below the description of the video Qatar Economic Forum 2024 Kicks Off | Horizons Middle East & Africa 05/13/2024 published by the Youtube channel Bloomberg Television:

We are live from the Qatar Economic Forum in Doha discussing the theme of navigating uncertainty. Exclusive guests include Ahunna Eziakonwa, UN Assistant Secretary-General and UNDP Regional Director for Africa. Also in the show, French President Emmanuel Macron says he's open to cross border M&A for the future prosperity of the EU, and exclusives with US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon and Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan

00:00 Introduction
01:31 Qatar Economic Forum 2024 Day 1
04:50 QEF 2024: Navigating the Year of Uncertainty
09:25 Emmanuel Macron, French President exclusive
14:45 David Solomon, Goldman Sachs CEO exclusive
18:40 Brian Moynihan, Bank of America CEO exclusive
27:15 Janet Yellen, US Treasury Secretary exclusive
31:00 Joumanna Bercetche and Jennifer Zabasajja at QEF 2024
32:02 Ahunna Eziakonwa, UN Assistant Sec-Gen and UNDP Africa Director exclusive

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