Suntory's Niinami Hopes to Extend Wage Hike Momentum

Suntory's Niinami Hopes to Extend Wage Hike Momentum

Bloomberg Television has finally released a new video! We're happy to share it today on Croblanc. It was released on March 15, 2024 and it has already made a lot of talk on social networks!

As some time ago, many of you had visited one of our articles about one of the last videos of the channel Bloomberg Television, we are doing it again today because we know how much it makes you happy. And that's why we're telling you about it today, this brand new video should interest you.

When we first saw the Suntory's Niinami Hopes to Extend Wage Hike Momentum video on the Bloomberg Television channel, we knew our community would want to stream it as soon as possible. So we wrote this article to publish it as soon as possible.

We could find in the next hours this content in the trend tool of Youtube because of the start that it makes! Since the Youtube channel Bloomberg Television posted it, many people are talking about it on the networks. Let's wait for a few hours before we know how successful this video is.

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And here we are, we are almost at the end of this article, you have just discovered everything we knew about the video Suntory's Niinami Hopes to Extend Wage Hike Momentum. We hope to see you soon on our site, in the meantime you can find other videos of Bloomberg Television by strolling on our site or even by going directly on the Youtube channel.

We'll see you soon for a new content on Croblanc, and in the meantime we say Ciao to the next one!

For your information, you can find below the description of the video Suntory's Niinami Hopes to Extend Wage Hike Momentum published by the Youtube channel Bloomberg Television:

Takeshi Niinami, President & CEO at Suntory Holdings, says consumers are not confident yet and continuous wage growth can help reverse that. As the chairperson of the business lobby group Japan Association of Corporate Executives, he also discusses his outlook for the country's central bank policy. He speaks with Yvonne Man and Peter Elstrom on "The China Show."