The Most Talked About ETF of 2023: KRE

The Most Talked About ETF of 2023: KRE

Like many Internet users, you have been waiting for several hours for the last video of Bloomberg Television, know that your wait will finally end, the video is now available since May 16, 2023!

As you know, this is not new, we have been following with great interest the news of the Youtube channel Bloomberg Television for quite some time now because we know that its content is particularly appreciated by our community. Sometimes we hesitate to write an article because we don't know if you will like it, but today we know that this video will interest you.

Indeed, the Youtube channel Bloomberg Television has decided today to post a new video which is called "The Most Talked About ETF of 2023: KRE". Of course, you can now find it in full playback on our site for your greatest pleasure!

Very good feedback for the moment for the latest video of the Youtube channel Bloomberg Television, even if it is often the case on the comments found on this channel that users love for a long time now. If the feedback continues to be so positive, Google's algorithm could decide to propose it to many users.

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For your information, you can find below the description of the video The Most Talked About ETF of 2023: KRE published by the Youtube channel Bloomberg Television:

Probably the most talked about ETF of 2023 is the SPDR S&P Regional Banking ETF (ticker KRE). The US regional bank turmoil of failed banks and fleeing deposits has caused trading volume to hit records. Woes have engulfed the sector since early March amid concern that big unrealized losses on bond investments might push some of them to the brink, and four did in fact collapse. On "Bloomberg ETF IQ", Bloomberg's Matt Miller gives a breakdown of KRE.

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