Yardeni Says S&P Could Hit 6,000 Next year

Yardeni Says S&P Could Hit 6,000 Next year

We discovered with great interest on March 25, 2024 on Bloomberg Television's Youtube channel a new video that might interest you.

As some time ago, many of you had visited one of our articles about one of the last videos of the channel Bloomberg Television, we are doing it again today because we know how much it makes you happy. And that's why we're telling you about it today, this brand new video should interest you.

Today, March 25, 2024, the Youtube channel Bloomberg Television has published a new content with the title Yardeni Says S&P Could Hit 6,000 Next year. If you want to watch this video in streaming, you have come to the right place!

We could find in the next hours this content in the trend tool of Youtube because of the start that it makes! Since the Youtube channel Bloomberg Television posted it, many people are talking about it on the networks. Let's wait for a few hours before we know how successful this video is.

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For your information, you can find below the description of the video Yardeni Says S&P Could Hit 6,000 Next year published by the Youtube channel Bloomberg Television:

Ed Yardeni, Yardeni Research president, says the S&P 500 Index could hit 6,000 next year and we're in a bull market right now. He also says the Fed is still sticking with an inflation target of 2%. He is on "Bloomberg Surveillance."