"2023 Will Be An Investors and Traders Market" | Gareth Soloway

"2023 Will Be An Investors and Traders Market" | Gareth Soloway

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For your information, you can find below the description of the video "2023 Will Be An Investors and Traders Market" | Gareth Soloway published by the Youtube channel Only The SAVVY:

As the year comes to an end, it’s hard to argue that 2022 wasn't a tough year across all markets. Crypto saw billions of dollars evaporated from the market, and the industry saw major exchanges go under giving the spotlight to bad actors and leaving a negative stain on the market. The Fed’s rate hikes hit consumers hard, as nearly everyone felt the sting at the gas pump, grocery store, and all the basic necessities. The real estate market saw the year start out with home buying frenzy that seems to be coming to an end. And the S&P 500 saw wild swings. Looking into the new year, trader Gareth Soloway warns that 2023 might not much better for the markets. In an interview with Stansberry Research, Soloway gave his thoughts on what he sees as the best-performing assets to look for in 2023, his take on crypto vs. gold, and the tsunami that he sees coming for the markets. Soloway has stayed firm on his belief that the Fed’s hike rates haven’t affected the markets yet, which is not a good thing. Add on top of that, the FTX collapse (In Gareth’s estimation) hasn’t hit the market quite yet either. We can see a rough start to the new year, followed by choppy water in the second half of the year. Although the news may sound grim to most, Gareth believes this is the opportunity to either trade your way to success or buy discounted assets for the long term.

Gareth Soloway is renowned for his macroeconomic analysis, technical chart analysis, and trade signal alerts. He has created proprietary indicators like the Confirmation Signal, River Theory, Three Tail Theory, cycle analysis and a sentiment indicator that is game-changing.
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"2023 Will Be An Investors and Traders Market" | Gareth Soloway