"98% Are About To Get Wiped Out" | Michael Saylor

"98% Are About To Get Wiped Out" | Michael Saylor

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2022 was a tumultuous year for the crypto industry filled with drama as we saw the collapse of Luna, Celsius, and FT just to name a few but the question now is, what is next for crypto? It appears to be a foregone conclusion that heavy regulation is coming, just a matter of what and when. At a fireside chat at the Pacific Bitcoin conference, Bitcoin bull Michael Saylor explained what he sees coming after the dust settles with crypto. Saylor hasn’t minced words with saying that there’s bitcoin and then the other 22,000 sh!t coins. And in his view, one of the biggest hurdles for Bitcoin’s growth is disassociating itself from the other coins. However, in his fireside chat, Saylor acknowledges that as much as he despises other coins, the use case, purpose, and motivation behind some coins are valid but the execution is not correct. Saylor believes that Bitcoin, along with applications on top of Bitcoin, can solve a lot of issues in an ethical manner and when the world differentiates the two, Bitcoin and crypto, that is when real institutional money will come in.
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"98% Are About To Get Wiped Out" | Michael Saylor