99% Of People Loose Money In Crypto - Here's How You Win [Building A Defi Portforlio - Guide]

99% Of People Loose Money In Crypto - Here's How You Win [Building A Defi Portforlio - Guide]

Since the August 20, 2022, a lot of internet users are only talking about it, the last video of Thor Hartvigsen is making a lot of talk since its release and could also interest you!

Many of you have been following us for a long time on Croblanc, and you already know that we regularly share new video content from the Youtube channel Thor Hartvigsen which our community is extremely fond of. That's why we're writing this article today, because we already know that it will arouse your interest.

Not to hide anything, when we saw that the Youtube channel Thor Hartvigsen had published a new video called 99% Of People Loose Money In Crypto - Here's How You Win [Building A Defi Portforlio - Guide], we did not hesitate one second to share it with you so that you can discover it!

This video is currently making the buzz on the internet and may end up in the Youtube trends. It was published a few hours ago by the videographer of the Youtube channel Thor Hartvigsen who regularly publishes videos similar to the content we are talking about today.

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