A Conversation With My Wife! Our Upbringings, Budgeting and Spending Habits

A Conversation With My Wife! Our Upbringings, Budgeting and Spending Habits

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00:00 - Introduction
03:03 - How We Met
04:03 - Our Upbringings/Financial Education
14:50 - What Mrs. Bagel Does For a Living
15:26 - How We Budget
20:24 - Our Spending Habits
28:24 - Sponsor Break
29:05 - Living With a 'Finance Husband"
37:34 - How We've Influenced Each Other Financially
41:11 - Advice to Newly Weds
43:53 - Addressing Finances With Our Kids
49:49 - Couple's Channel?

My wife and I decided to do a podcast episode together to answer viewer questions about our personal finances.

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