AAVE - The Road To $3 Billion - DEFI Explained

AAVE - The Road To $3 Billion - DEFI Explained

So what is Aave all about? How was it able to go from $0 to $3B in total value locked in less than a year? And what’s the use case for the AAVE token? You’ll find answers to these questions in this video.

The initial version of Aave - which is currently one of the most popular lending protocols in decentralized finance - came into existence in 2017. Before the rebranding that happened later in September 2018, the project was known as ETHLend.

ETHLend was started in Finland by Stani Kulechov. Stani, a law degree graduate, discovered Ethereum, realised the power of smart contracts and decided to build a peer-to-peer lending protocol.

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