Apache Kafka Explained (Comprehensive Overview)

Apache Kafka Explained (Comprehensive Overview)

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Apache Kafka is an open-source, publish/subscribe (pub/sub) messaging system, also very often described as a distributed event log where all the new records are immutable and appended to the end of the log.

Kafka aims to provide a reliable and high-throughput platform for handling real-time data streams and building data pipelines. It also provides a single place for storing and distributing events that can be fed into multiple downstream systems which helps to fight the ever-growing problem of integration complexity. Besides all of that Kafka can also be easily used to build a modern and scalable ETL, CDC or big data ingest systems.

Kafka is used across multiple industries, from companies like Twitter and Netflix to Goldman Sachs and Paypal. It was originally developed by Linkedin and open sourced in 2011.

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