Binance Smart Chain And CeDeFi Explained

Binance Smart Chain And CeDeFi Explained

So what is Binance Smart Chain? How is it different from Ethereum? And what is CeDeFi all about? You’ll find answers to these questions in this video.

In April 2018, Binance - one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges, decided to launch their own blockchain - Binance Chain.

The main idea behind Binance Chain was to create a high-speed blockchain able to support large transaction throughput.

To achieve this, the team behind Binance Chain chose the Tendermint consensus model with instant finality and instead of supporting multiple applications, decided to focus on its primary app - Binance DEX.

With DeFi on Ethereum flourishing and Binance DEX not getting as much traction as expected, Binance very quickly realised that the main feature missing from Binance Chain was the ability to run smart contracts and allowing other teams to deploy their own applications.

At this point, Binance made an interesting decision. Instead of trying to add smart contract capabilities to Binance Chain and sacrificing its performance, they decided to launch another chain in parallel to Binance Chain and this is where Binance Smart Chain comes into play.

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