Charles Hoskinson: "We Took 3 Years, Ethereum Took 7"

Charles Hoskinson: "We Took 3 Years, Ethereum Took 7"

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The anticipation, execution, and post-effect of Ethereum’s merge has been stealing all the headlines in the crypto space for the last month but quietly in the background, Cardano has been working on their own upgrade, the Vasil upgrade, which concluded last week. The upgrade is widely touted to improve the network’s smart contract functionality, faster transactions, and scalability as it looks to snag a piece of Ethereum’s market share. As a guest at Mainnet2022, Outspoken Cardano Founder Charles Hoskinson was given the floor and was asked “what are some misconceptions of Cardano, what does everyone get wrong about Cardano?” In his answer, Hoskinson shared his admiration for Bitcoin, stating that his vision was to take all the good from Bitcoin and apply it on a proof-of-stake network,” but also revealed his disdain for Ethereum. Hoskinson didn’t mince about Ethereum’s switch to PoS stating that it should have happened years ago on grounds that during his six months stint with the network, he made a continuous plea to core engineers but was repeatedly ignored. He took a swipe at the Ethereum ecosystem, saying that “they seem to really like technology and events from 2014″.
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