DEFI 2.0 - A New Narrative? OlympusDAO, Tokemak Explained

DEFI 2.0 - A New Narrative? OlympusDAO, Tokemak Explained

So what is DeFi 2.0 all about? Is this just a new, temporary narrative or a paradigm shift? What are some of the most interesting DeFi 2.0 protocols? And what does this all mean for the already existing DeFi projects? You’ll find answers to these questions in this video.

The crypto space loves new narratives. DeFi Summer, Layer 1 Summer or “jpeg” Mania to name a few. It seems like “DeFi 2.0” is the new kid on the block and has recently been gaining more and more traction.

Although the ideas behind DeFi 2.0 are still crystallising, in general, the concept refers to a new breed of DeFi protocols that try to solve some of the main pain points of the already existing projects by experimenting with the protocol design and tokenomics.

The experimentation centres around the innovation in the liquidity mining design and is very often associated with protocols owning their own liquidity instead of temporarily renting it out via liquidity mining incentives.

Now, let’s unpack what it all means.

00:00 - Intro
00:30 - DeFi 2.0 Narrative
01:13 - Liquidity Mining
04:11 - OlympusDAO
07:03 - Tokemak
08:10 - Summary

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