Expect This After The Fed's Jackson Hole Meeting | Gareth Soloway

Expect This After The Fed's Jackson Hole Meeting | Gareth Soloway

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What's Coming After The Fed's Jackson Hole Meeting | Gareth Soloway

Both crypto and traditional markets held steady for the past week, anticipating Jerome Powell’s speech from Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Powell’s sentiment was bearish, as he warned that higher interest rates likely will persist “for some time. The historical record cautions strongly against prematurely loosening policy.” Amidst the news, Bitcoin dipped 6.4%, trading for $20,180.66, while Ethereum plunged by a bit more, dropping 11.1%, trading for $1,496.86. The news did not come as a surprise for trader and analysts Gareth Soloway, who has been predicting bearish action going into 2023, as he sees the Federal Reserve running out of options to negate the historic inflation and looming recession. In a 2-hour interview with Frankie Candles, Soloway gave the best and worst case scenarios for Bitcoin, from the technical analysis perspective. Soloway still believes that 12k is in play, but long term, he is bullish and feels this is the perfect time to buy.
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