FTX, SBF & Congress: Craziest Crypto Hearing EVER!!

FTX, SBF & Congress: Craziest Crypto Hearing EVER!!

Coin Bureau has finally released a new video! We're happy to share it today on Croblanc. It was released on December 20, 2022 and it has already made a lot of talk on social networks!

As you know, it's not the first time we talk about the Youtube channel Coin Bureau on Croblanc, and each time it always captivates you so much! At the same time, we understand you, the contents that we find there are simply unique. And so we decided to share with you today this latest content that might spark your interest.

As usual when the Youtube channel Coin Bureau posts new content on the internet, you can find it on our site. To watch the latest video called "FTX, SBF & Congress: Craziest Crypto Hearing EVER!!", it's just above!

The video has been posted for less than an hour and is currently the talk of the web. Usually the new videos of the Youtube channel Coin Bureau are much less talked about. Soon in trends? That's all the bad news we wish him, considering the work this channel has been doing for many years now!

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0:00 Intro
0:44 FTX Hearing Background
3:22 Opening Statements
5:33 How Much Has FTX Recovered
8:41 FTX SEC Connection
11:02 When Will FTX Users Be Compensated
14:43 Blackrock FTX Investment
18:41 FTX Solvency Pre Binance FTT
22:23 FTX Hack
24:49 FTX Bahamas Conspiracy
26:53 FTX US Conspiracy
29:32 What Does It Mean For Crypto?


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