Gareth Soloway: "Ethereum Can Flip Bitcoin"

Gareth Soloway: "Ethereum Can Flip Bitcoin"

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Gareth Soloway: "Ethereum Can Flip Bitcoin"

Bitcoin came off of labor-day weekend down 4%, trading for under $19,000 for the first time since early July. The surprise correction on September 6th took Bitcoin from $19,820 to $18,960 in less than two hours, and dropped down even further, as it now trades for $18,654.24. Historically, September hasn’t been too kind to Bitcoin. Bitcoin has closed its previous five months of September in losses. Bitcoin’s September woes aren’t the biggest news in the crypto space. Ethereum’s merge has many excited about its potential, as Ethereum’s energy consumption is predicted to be cut by 99.95% with the switch to proof-of-stake. In an interview with Paul Barron Network, trader Gareth Soloway shared his thoughts about what he sees coming with Bitcoin and Ethereum in the near future. In the long-term, Soloway believes in Bitcoin but short-term, he sees trouble ahead in September. In the contrast, Soloway believes that Ethereum can show a short-term rally if the transition to proof-of-stake is smooth and in the long-term, Ethereum flipping Bitcoin is not completely unrealistic. Everything depends on the merge.
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