Gareth Soloway: Now Is NOT The Time To Buy Ethereum! (This Is When...)

Gareth Soloway: Now Is NOT The Time To Buy Ethereum! (This Is When...)

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Gareth Soloway: Now Is NOT The Time To Buy Ethereum! (This Is When)

The crypto market is taking a slight downturn, as both Bitcoin and Ethereum are down double digits, percentage-wise, in the past 7 days, as Bitcoin trades for $21,325.32, and Ethereum trades for $1,630.36, respectively. The crypto market has been down overall, down 0.4% in the past 24 hours. Pundits and analysts believe that the crypto market, along with other risk-off assets, are in a holding pattern ahead of the Federal Reserve Economic Symposium, where Jerome Powell will speak later this week. While the markets hold their breath in anticipation of Powell’s, trader and Analysts Gareth Soloway, gave his thoughts on what he sees coming. For months, Soloway has been calling for a downturn in Bitcoin, calling for as low as 12k, but in an interview with the Paul Barron Network, Soloway gave a bullish outlook. Although he does see a bottom coming, Gareth believes that with clarity from the Fed, this bottom could create a massive bull run for both Bitcoin and Ethereum.
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