Most Don't Even See What's Coming In This Market | Cathie Wood

Most Don't Even See What's Coming In This Market | Cathie Wood

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In an interview with Anthony Pompliano at Lyceum Miami, a one day intellectual forum hosted by Pomp Investments, CEO and CIO of Ark Invest Cathie Wood gave her update on what she sees in the crypto market and the market at large. Cathie Wood made headlines in the past few days, as she continued buying dip with Tesla. ARK Invest has purchased 51,960 shares of Tesla for its ARK Innovation ETF and 17,369 shares of Tesla stock for its ARK Next Generation internet, according to a Wednesday email containing recent share trades. The purchases are ARK’s first since January and come after Tesla stock has dipped about 15% from February highs. Cathie also made news, as her ARKK fund is currently trading for $37.29, down 4.16% in at the time of close, and up 22.42% year to date. Despite her losses, ARKKs flagship fund has reportedly collected $300M in fees. Many analysts and pundits are in uproar over the data, as it has been reported that billions of investors funds, almost 10 billion to be exact, have been lost with ARKK. But with daily inflows, her clients do not see it that way. As she states, her time horizon is longer than her decline in the past 2-3 years and as innovation kicks in, her fund will provide a healthy return for investors who believe in her vision.
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