PERPETUAL PROTOCOL - Next Level In Decentralized Trading? (Layer 2, Uniswap V3)

PERPETUAL PROTOCOL - Next Level In Decentralized Trading? (Layer 2, Uniswap V3)

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So what is Perpetual Protocol all about? What are some of the improvements that come with the recently launched version 2 of the protocol? How does it make use of Uniswap V3? And what are perpetual futures in the first place? You’ll find answers to these questions in this video.

Perpetual Protocol is a DeFi project with the main goal of creating the best, most accessible and most secure decentralized exchange for perpetual futures.

Perpetual Protocol was founded in 2019 by a small team of startup founders and software engineers. Initially called “Strike”, the project pivoted to perpetual futures and changed its name in the summer of 2020.

The first version of the protocol was launched on the xDai network in December 2020. Version 2 of the protocol named Curie after the famous scientist and a Noble Prize winner - Marie Curie, launched on Optimism on the 31st of November 2021.

The design of Perpetual Protocol that we’re going to explain later is extremely interesting as it leverages the DeFi “money legos” ethos to both build upon other already existing DeFi projects as well as provide building blocks for other protocols in the future.

Perpetual Protocol is one of the projects that focus on derivatives in DeFi. If you need a recap on what derivatives are and an overview of other protocols in this space I highly recommend watching my other video first.

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