Raoul Pal: There's A Hack To All Of This"

Raoul Pal: There's A Hack To All Of This"

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Raoul Pal: There's A Hack To All Of This"

The past 7 days have seen the crypto markets drawdown, as Bitcoin trades at $21,530.39 and Ethereum trades for $1,676.69. In the top 10 coins, Cardano has shown the biggest decrease, as it’s down 14.4%, trading for $0.46. The uncertain markets have traders and analysts second-guessing their conviction, but in an interview with the “Where It Happens” podcast, Macro analyst and investor Raoul Pal gave words of wisdom about having a long-term view and advice on staying focused during both bull and bear markets. Raoul’s sage advice suggests that investors write down their investment thesis, and before making any sudden decisions to sell, ask yourself, “has anything changed versus your thesis?” Raoul believes this outlook has given him success in the markets for the past 17 years, and also gives him the conviction of what he sees coming with Web3 and the big technology boom again.
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