🔴Reactions to BTC Price Drop | This Week in Crypto – May 23, 2022

🔴Reactions to BTC Price Drop | This Week in Crypto – May 23, 2022

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🔥 Here's what happened this week in Crypto. For the complete stories visit: https://bit.ly/39LQeze

00:20 G7 Countries Call for Crypto Regulation - https://reut.rs/3wxKPVl
00:40 Developing Nations Discuss Bitcoin - https://bit.ly/3NsZaYF
0:59 El Salvador Expected to Default - https://bit.ly/3wALZ2f
1:20 Portugal Moves to Tax Crypto - https://bit.ly/3sPg9fZ
1:40 FTX US Launches Stock Trading - https://bit.ly/39ISOGe
2:04 Ethereum’s Merge Scheduled For August - https://bit.ly/3G9O34z
2:24 Jack Dorsey: Bitcoin is the Internet’s Only Money - https://cnb.cx/3wGmLOL
2:48 Saylor Still Optimistic about Bitcoin’s Price - https://bit.ly/3LD2YW6
3:05 Send and receive ADA without long complicated addresses - https://bit.ly/3E15QJl

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