Solana Price Potential?! Watch THIS Update If You Hold SOL!!

Solana Price Potential?! Watch THIS Update If You Hold SOL!!

We discovered with great interest on March 27, 2024 on Coin Bureau's Youtube channel a new video that might interest you.

And yes, another article today about the Youtube channel Coin Bureau, you are starting to be used to it you who follow assiduously Croblanc for so many years already! The interest for this channel keeps growing over the years and we are very happy to share it with you once again. That's why we decided to make an article about it, because we are sure that you will like this new video.

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For your information, you can find below the description of the video Solana Price Potential?! Watch THIS Update If You Hold SOL!! published by the Youtube channel Coin Bureau:

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0:00 Intro
0:38 Wormhole, Saga Phone
3:28 Solana ETF, Outage
6:15 Solana Congestion, MEV
8:47 SOL Price Analysis
13:33 Solana Roadmap
16:31 Solana Challenges
21:02 Outro


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