"The End Of This Ponzi Is Here" [PREPARE NOW] | Greg Foss

"The End Of This Ponzi Is Here" [PREPARE NOW] | Greg Foss

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"The End Of This Ponzi Is Here" [PREPARE NOW] | Greg Foss

Bitcoin is enjoying a double-digit run-up over the past 7 days, trading for $22,210.52 at the time of writing. Bitcoin is showing optimism, as the bulls are eyeing the $24,000 level but many bears are still calling for Bitcoin to fall. Regardless of the short-term technical analysis, in the long term, Bitcoin has many supporters are the ultimate asset to combat the economical landscape. In an interview with Bitcoin Magainze, one of Bitcoin’s biggest supporters, Canadian bond trader Greg Foss, explained how all roads will eventually lead back to Bitcoin. According to Foss, the United States government is insolvent, and basically taking out one credit card to pay the interest on the other and the United States is one of the stronger financial countries. Foss believes the math on the current state of the economy globally, should have everyone running to Bitcoin and if you’re not holding Bitcoin after knowing the math, you’re just stupid and hey, those are Foss’s words, not ours.
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