"The Math Clearly Shows FIAT IS DONE" | Gregg Foss

"The Math Clearly Shows FIAT IS DONE" | Gregg Foss

The Math Clearly Shows FIAT IS DONE | Gregg Foss

In a 2 hour interview with Robert Breedlove, Canadian Bond Trader Greg Foss talked about how mathematically, we can easily predict the failure of the fiat system. The now-retired Foss cut his teeth on Wall Street as a bond trader, which he believes provides him a very clear picture of the mathematical implications of what’s really going on, which ultimately led him to be a true believer that Bitcoin is the only ‘anti-fiat’ option. Foss proposed that the same mathematical approach can determine the true value of Bitcoin. Recently, JP Morgan made headlines by calling for bitcoin's fair price to be 28% higher than its current level, which is hovering at around $29,000, implying a "significant upside from here" after a dramatic sell-off in cryptocurrencies. The 28% by JP Morgan is a pittance compared to what Greg Foss sees coming for bitcoin when we take into account all of the debt compiled in the world, specifically the United States.

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Bitcoin is Insurance on a Failing Financial System with Greg Foss (WiM169)
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