"Their Bitcoin Agenda Didn't Go As Planned" | Mark Yusko

"Their Bitcoin Agenda Didn't Go As Planned" | Mark Yusko

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In an interview with Sin City Crypto, Investor Mark Yousko gave his take on the Bitcoin ETF release. Yousko believes that there was an agenda going on with the Bitcoin ETF release, and ultimately, it failed. Like many other assets, Yousko believes that the big banks and greedy institutions planned on manipulating the Bitcoin market, but unbeknownst to them, there isn’t any manipulating the Bitcoin market, like Gold. Yousko expressed that even though their initial plans failed, there will be a considerable amount of money flowing into Bitcoin and that will send the Bitcoin price roaring sooner than later. Yousko made an even bolder statement, which is that believes more fiat will exchange for Bitcoin in the next 12 months than the previous 15 years of its existence.

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