"This Can Be The Nail In The Coffin For Bitcoin" | Gareth Soloway

"This Can Be The Nail In The Coffin For Bitcoin" | Gareth Soloway

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Bitcoin’s price action continues to trade sideways, as it trades for $16,836.68, down 2.9% on the week. For quite some time, Trader Gareth Soloway has been calling for Bitcoin to hit the $9 to 10k level, followed by choppy action before we see the run-up but Gareth believes, if all goes wrong with the Grayscale Trust, Bitcoin can drop to as low as $3k. In an interview with The Paul Barron Network, Soloway gave his analysis of Bitcoin’s price action and the possible outcome of the Grayscale Trust. The Grayscale Trust is attempting to transform the world’s largest bitcoin fund into an exchange-traded fund. If that cannot be accomplished, the firm would explore new options to return a portion of the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust GBT capital to shareholders. These options could include a tender offer for up to 20% of the outstanding shares of the $10.7 billion trust. In a statement to investors, CEO Michael Sonnenshein wrote:

In the event we are unsuccessful in pursuing options for returning a portion of the capital to shareholders, we do not currently intend to dissolve GBTC, but would instead continue to operate GBTC without an ongoing redemption program until we are successful in converting it to a spot bitcoin ETF.

Gareth Soloway believes that the SEC can very well ‘put the nail in the coffin’ with Bitcoin and crypto by blocking the ETF, but hopefully, that's not their intention

Gareth Soloway is renowned for his macroeconomic analysis, technical chart analysis, and trade signal alerts. He has created proprietary indicators like the Confirmation Signal, River Theory, Three Tail Theory, cycle analysis and a sentiment indicator that is game-changing.
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"This Can Be The Nail In The Coffin For Bitcoin" | Gareth Soloway