"This Will Skyrocket From $8 Trillion to $210 Trillion" | Cathie Wood

"This Will Skyrocket From $8 Trillion to $210 Trillion" | Cathie Wood

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For your information, you can find below the description of the video "This Will Skyrocket From $8 Trillion to $210 Trillion" | Cathie Wood published by the Youtube channel Only The SAVVY:

As a keynote speaker at Web Summit 2022, Cathie Wood, founder of Ark Invest, made a bold prediction on the future of her 5 innovative platforms; blockchain technology, genome sequencing, artificial intelligence, robotics, and energy storage. The interview was a bit of a combative one, with the interviewing pressing Cathie on divulging why her ideas will flourish, despite not adhering to traditional benchmarks and her fund currently down 75% from its all-time high, 62% year to date and also, questioning Cathie’s new fund, which will give the opportunity for a younger audience to invest with a lower monetary barrier of entry. Cathie stood her ground, relying on her research and showing proof of concept with her 20x call on Tesla …when everyone said the trade was crazy. Despite the doubters, Cathie is adamant that her 5 innovative platforms will explode, even making a very bold prediction for the next 5 years.

Cathie Wood is an American investor and the founder, CEO and CIO of Ark Invest, an investment management firm. Cathie Wood started the firm in 2014, after her idea for actively managed exchange-traded funds based on disruptive innovation was deemed too risky by AllianceBernstein. The company is named after the Ark of the Covenant. In 2020, Wood was named the best stock picker of by Bloomberg News editor-in-chief emeritus Matthew A. Winkler.
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"It's Going From $8 Trillion to $210 Trillion" | Cathie Wood