"Those Who Called For $10K Bitcoin Are In Disbelief Right Now" | Plan B

"Those Who Called For $10K Bitcoin Are In Disbelief Right Now" | Plan B

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For your information, you can find below the description of the video "Those Who Called For $10K Bitcoin Are In Disbelief Right Now" | Plan B published by the Youtube channel Only The SAVVY:

As bitcoin pumps to $21,285.37, up 22% in the past week, many pundits are calling this uptick a classic ‘bear trap’ and for the bulls to not get too excited. Trader Gareth Soloway, who has been calling for $9-10k Bitcoin for months, recently said he was skeptical about Bitcoin’s sudden surge and reminded everyone that even though he called for $9K Bitcoin to happen in mid-2023, he also called for a rally before the eventual crash. Anonymous Investor Plan B has an entirely different outlook. The Dutch Investor put out a series of tweets stating that Bitcoin is not in a bull trap, but at the beginning of a bull run.

PlanB is one of the most revered analysts in the cryptocurrency space. Sheltering under a pseudonym he has used everywhere from social media to video interviews, the quantitative analyst has spent several years examining and forecasting Bitcoin price action. Hailing from the Netherlands, he came to Bitcoin with a background in law and quantitative finance. In addition to his now world-renowned Stock-to-Flow Bitcoin price models, PlanB also works as an investment manager, adding that he is part of the team that handles a balance sheet worth billions of dollars.

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