We Must Be Ready For What’s Coming In This Next Phase | Charles Hoskinson

We Must Be Ready For What’s Coming In This Next Phase | Charles Hoskinson

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It’s no secret that crypto has gotten extremely political. Crypto has been under fire from both political parties for years now, and has been left in the dark by the SEC. The uncertainty of whether certain coins are a security or a commodity has been the longest standing issue, but one of the more recent issues has been its stance on Coinbase, which, to everyone’s knowledge, seemed like one of the few upstanding exchanged on US Soil… abiding by the same rules of any other public company. Coinbase’s public company status seemed like a stark difference from the companies that led to the collapse of the crypto markets in 2022. Yet, the crypto market has gotten so political that even Coinbase is faced with a decision to leave for lesser regulations. In the eyes of co-founder of Cardano Charles Hoskinson, this is just the beginning of a political nightmare for crypto. Hoskinsons, who identified as a libertarian whose motto is ‘live and let live’, believes that both sides of the political aisle have a disdain for crypto. And combined with AI, there will be extreme overreach, overregulation and misuse of power as we enter into the unchartered territory of technological advancement.
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