CoinDesk Confidential_ Alex Masmej

CoinDesk Confidential_ Alex Masmej

The 23-year-old CEO of Showtime, a crypto media network, answers our questionnaire ahead of Consensus 2022.

The Proust Questionnaire - an old magazine format popular in the French writer's day - asks a series of personal, philosophical and prosaic questions that, in theory, show a side of a person not often seen. Here, Alex Masmej, founder of social media platform Showtime, reveals some of his "true nature" and the crypto industry. Masmej is a speaker at CoinDesk's Consensus Festival.

Do you own bitcoin?


Do you own dogecoin?


What about SHIB?


Where are you from?


Biggest fear?


Alex Masmej is one of the speakers at Consensus 2022, CoinDesk's festival of the year, June 9-12 in Austin, Texas. Learn more.

Biggest joy?

Seeing the success of Showtime.

What is the trait you value most in a man/woman/person?


What do you think is the most overrated virtue?

Independent thinking

Do you often remember your dreams?


Do you like lemons?


Is the crypto economy still thriving?


Is crypto an ugly duck?


Should Elon Musk be running Twitter?


Should countries be run as businesses?


Will there be more or less money in 100 years?


Is the U.S. dollar a Ponzi scheme?


Is everything [a Ponzi scheme]?

Possibility 1

Who is your favorite politician? And why?

Andrew Yang - tech-savvy.

Is bitcoin forever?


Which living person do you admire the most?

Elon Musk

What is your idea of perfect happiness?

To have a positive impact on billions of people

Ću vi parolas esperanton?


Doing what you want or doing what you have to?

Ideally both

Would you choose a green thumb or an absolute guarantee that you'll never get gangrene?

Absolute guarantee you'll never get gangrene

What is your best quality?


What trait do you complain about most in yourself?

Lack of process oriented skills

Do you use a hardware wallet?


Biggest extravagance?

Colorful clothes

Your biggest regret?

That I didn't get out of school sooner

Favorite TV show? (What are you watching right now?)

I don't watch any TV shows

Any words of wisdom?

Everything around you that you call "life" was invented by people no smarter than you. And you can change it, you can influence it, you can build your own things that other people can use.

You can invite a historical figure for coffee, who do you choose?

Steve Jobs

Jack Dorsey wanted a "blue sky" for Twitter. Should the web be built on open protocols only?


Approximate size - depth and width - of the largest hole you dug?

Probably 1 cubic foot

What is your biggest accomplishment?


AI. Being tracked?


What is your current state of mind?


Would you want to live forever? Why or why not?

Yes, to try more things and enjoy people more

Do cars look like faces to you?


Dogs or cats?


Can dogs smile?


Who is your favorite singer?

Dua Lipa

Napkins: for or against them?


Do you have a library card?


What's the weather like today?


On what occasion do you lie?

As rarely as possible

What bothers you most about your appearance?

Nothing in particular

Which living person do you despise the most?

[Vladimir] Putin

Do you write a list before you go shopping?


If you could be catapulted somewhere safely, would you rather walk?

If I'm not in a hurry, I would walk.

Do you own an item of clothing that could be considered indigo?


Bees see ultraviolet. Do you see the same world (or most of it)?

I see life in pink.

Bagels from New York or San Francisco?

San Francisco

How many glasses of water do you drink a day?


Are birds real?


What drives you?

Influencing people, making history

Would you regularly drive a red convertible?


What or who is the greatest love in your life?

Technology for social progress

What words or phrases do you use most often?

Changing the world

What is your strongest belief that would make you "cancel"?

People who can afford and want to work very hard should work very hard.

What is the funniest/smartest tweet you've seen that you can recall off the top of your head?

Elon Musk's tweet about cocaine in coke.

Single favorite meme?

IQ bell curve

If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

To know everything

How would you like to die?


In three words or less, what is the greatest harm currently being done to society?

Lack of internet

In three words or less: What is the greatest hope for society right now?

Finances for all