CoinDesk Confidential_ Bradley Miles

CoinDesk Confidential_ Bradley Miles

The CEO of social token startup Roll is a New Yorker through and through.

Bradley Miles, co-founder of social token infrastructure platform Roll, owns Bitcoin, doesn't own DOGE, and believes there will be fewer currencies in 100 years. His platform is designed for the creative industries and allows anyone to mint a token to monetize their brands and reward communities. Miles, a speaker at the Consensus Festival, is the latest to answer CoinDesk Confidential, our updated version of the Proust questionnaire. Popularized, but not invented, by the French novelist about a century ago, the original survey seeks to gain an understanding of a person's "true nature" through a series of mundane and thought-provoking questions. You can fill out the questionnaire, updated for the crypto age, here.

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Do you own bitcoin?


Do you own dogecoin?


What about SHIB?

No, there will be a lot of "SHIBs" in the next five years or so, no staying power.

Where are you from?

New Yawk

Biggest fear?

We don't think enough about ethical aspects of technology. No one (aside from Tristan Harris) is really thinking about the ethics of technology on a large scale.

Greatest joy?

We really are building the technology of the future, which is a dream! Plus, we have a front row seat to talk to the brightest minds!

What quality do you value most in a man/woman/person?

Honesty and the ability to take conversations at least 5 years into the future

What do you think is the most overrated virtue?


Do you often remember your dreams?

I remember my dreams maybe once every 3 years. In one dream 3 years ago, I ran into a room with a bunch of spiders and cobwebs and in the last dream I remember, I lost all my teeth. What does it all mean!

Do you like lemons?

I love lemons and lemon juice too 🍋.

Is cryptocurrency still flourishing?

That's like asking if the internet is still thriving. Of course it will! At least for the next 20 years.

Is crypto an ugly duck?

Maybe in the same way that the Internet was an ugly duck, from about 1990 to 1994.

Should Elon Musk be running Twitter?

I don't have a preference here. I think it could go horribly wrong or wonderfully right. At the end of the day, it's just a platform.

Should countries be run like companies?

Wow, hmmm, I'm not sure.

Will there be more or less money in 100 years?

Hahaha. Nope.

Is the U.S. dollar a Ponzi scheme?

Read Fiat Standard. It analyzes the USD using tokenomics and considers other fiat coins (pounds, etc.) as layer 2 coins that settle on layer 1 (USD). I think the USD will last at least the next few centuries and is not a Ponzi.

Who is your favorite politician? And why?

I think maybe Andrew Yang. I met him before he ran for office, and he was cordial and really excited about the promise of blockchains. He still is!

Is bitcoin forever?

Probably, but it will only be relevant until the maximum supply is reached in a hundred years. 2200 - I don't think we really need to rely on Bitcoin.

Which living person do you most admire?

Sam Harris is really impressive!

What is your idea of perfect happiness?

No fears and a nice walk

Ću vi parolas esperanton?


Do what you want or do what you have to?

Do what you have to do until both are the same thing

Would you choose a green thumb or an absolute guarantee that you'll never get gangrene?

ew. Green thumb issues.

What's your best attribute?

I can listen for a very long time and not talk.

What trait do you regret most about yourself?

If I know you really well, I tend to interrupt you more often than I'd like to admit.

Do you use a hardware wallet?


Biggest extravagance?

Orvis backpack

Your biggest regret?

Spending money on people....

Favorite TV show? (What are you watching right now?)

Ozark. Or Billions (I know... the new season isn't that good)!

Any words of wisdom?

Try not to

You can invite a historical figure to coffee, who do you choose?

Dostoevsky for sure. Or Kierkegaard! I love my existentialists

Jack Dorsey wanted a "blue sky" for Twitter; should the web be built only on open protocols?

The maximalism of open protocols is not for everyone. Once most of the Midwest is connected to blockchain, we can start to really ask these questions. Right now, they're still figuring out Snapchat.

Approximate size - depth and width - of the biggest hole you dug?

Not very big, maybe 2 feet on the beach.

What's your biggest accomplishment?

Building Roll! Or writing BreakIntoVC!

AI. Being tracked?

Certainly, but the real goal is AGI.

What is your current state of mind?

New Yawk

Would you choose to live forever? Why or why not?

Living forever would be incredibly painful for several reasons, in many ways it would be inhumane. Living 2-3x longer is interesting.

Do cars look like faces to you?


Dogs or cats?

Ask my wife

Can dogs smile?

Yes, I saw it once on youtube

Who is your favorite singer?

At the time of answering, the women's choir of Bulgarian state television

Napkins: for or against them?

Are you joking? For

Do you have a library card?

Unfortunately, no more. The library's audiobook system is such a good free hack.

How's the weather today?


On what occasion do you lie? comment.

What don't you like about the way you look?

I wish I had lost maybe 10 pounds!

What living person do you despise the most?

I don't really have much negative energy for people these days, but probably a few dictators. Ann Coulter, maybe?

Do you write a list before you shop?

I should

If you could be catapulted somewhere safely, would you rather walk?


Do you own a piece of clothing that could be considered indigo?


Bees see ultraviolet; do you see the same world (or most of it)?


Bagels from new york or san francisco?

Dude. Yawk.

How many glasses of water do you drink a day?

Not enough!

Are birds real?


What drives you?

I believe I can create a better future for people who are all-in on the internet

Would you ever drive a red convertible regularly?

I drove a blue one for years.

What or who is the greatest love of your life?

My wife! And crypto!

What words or phrases do you use most often?

heh, "wrapping around your finger".

What is your strongest conviction that would "dump" you?


What's the funniest/smartest tweet you've seen that you can recall off the top of your head?

Elon's Musk memes are funny. I like the one about "bots all the way down" referring to Twitter. That or on the intelligent side probably a tweet from James Clear.

Only favorite meme?


If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

Giving inanimate objects a consciousness.

How would you like to die?


In three words or less, what is the greatest harm to society right now?

Starving poor people

In three words or less: What is the greatest hope for society right now?

The increase of collective intelligence