"Bitcoin Is Only Going To Get Stronger From Here" | Michael Saylor

"Bitcoin Is Only Going To Get Stronger From Here" | Michael Saylor

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The banking industry has been under attack as of late and according to Microstrategy Founder Michael Saylor, this looks like the beginning of a systemic, worldwide problem. Microstrategy was the first publicly traded company to put Bitcoin on its balance sheet in 2020, and since that bold move, its stock has been up 140% with an almost 10x market capitalization, being a company worth 600 Million to now being worth 4 Billion. In an interview with Kitco News, Saylor explained how his company was able to add tremendous value to its company just from acquiring a Bitcoin, and unfortunately, many banks and financial institutions won't be able to enjoy the benefits of Bitcoin because of their pre-determined negative outlook on Bitcoin. But according to Saylor, who proclaims to have thoroughly researched and considered every possible asset, there is nothing that can compare to Bitcoin and there's no other asset that can 10x your value.

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