"They're Bleeding You Out Financially" | Michael Saylor

"They're Bleeding You Out Financially" | Michael Saylor

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Bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency by market value, broke through the $21,000 level, up about 4% for the last week. Bitcoin’s move comes after positive news in the US jobs report. The U.S. economy added 261,000 jobs in October, more than the 200,000 number expected by economists. In an interview with Peter H. Diamandas, Bitcoin advocate Michael Saylor explained the importance of Bitcoin, as it relates to the inflationary economic environment. Saylor argues that those who are not holding Bitcoin as a reserve asset, are “bleeding” out from the 7% year-over-year cost of inflation. Some will argue that Bitcoin’s year-to-date performance, which is down 55%, does not provide a safety net for the volatility of today’s political and economic challenges. But Saylor believes we are very early in the maturation process of Bitcoin, and investors should be willing to hold it for 10 years.

Michael J. Saylor is an American entrepreneur and business executive. He is the executive chairman and co-founder of MicroStrategy, a company that provides business intelligence, mobile software, and cloud-based services. Saylor served as MicroStrategy's chief executive officer from 1989 to 2022. In 2020, Saylor adopted the Bitcoin strategy when MicroStrategy used $250 million from its cash stockpile to purchase 21,454 Bitcoin.
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"Bitcoin Is Marching Toward $10,000,000 Per Coin" | Michael Saylor

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